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We mainly produce the substitutes of some world famous brands such as  NSK, FAG etc.
Our main products include:
Spherical roller bearings: E-cage, EAE4-cage, CC-cage, MB-cage, CA-cage etc.
Cylindrical roller bearings:NCF series; SL series; NNCF series; NNCL series; NNC series; NNF series; NU series,N series,NJ series,NUP series,NN series,
Taper roller bearings: X series; JR series; A series; J series and so on.

22272CA/W33 22272CAK/W33 4176ECA/W33 24176ECAK30/W33 24180ECA/W33 24180ECAK30/W33 24184ECA/W33 24184ECAK30/W33 24188ECA/W33 24188ECAK30/W33 24192ECA/W33 24192ECAK30/W33 24196ECA/W33 24196ECAK30/W33 241/500ECA/W33 240/750ECAK30/W33 240/800ECAK30/W33 240/800ECA/W33 240/850ECA/W33 240/850ECAK30/W33 240/900ECA/W33 240/900ECAK30/W33 240/950CAF/W33 240/950CAK30F/W33 240/1000CAK30F/W33 240/1000CAF/W33 240/1060CAK30F/W33 


SK CC CAGE OR F3 CAGE   22228CC/W33 22228CCK/W33 22230CC/W33 22230CCK/W33 22232CCK/W33 22232CC/W33 22234CC/W33 22234CCK/W33 22236CC/W33 22236CCK/W33 22238CCK/W33 22240CC/W33 22240CCK/W33 22244CCK/W33 22248CC/W33 22248CCK/W33 22252CC/W33 22252CCK/W33 22256CC/W33 22256CCK/W33 22260CCK/W33 22260CC/W33 22264CC/W33 22264CCK/W33  23120CC/W33 23120CCK/W33 23122CC/W33 23122CCK/W33 23124CC/W33 23124CCK/W33 23126CC/W33 23126CCK/W33 23128CC/W33 23128CCK/W33


FULL SET OF SK E CAGE  21308EK 21308E 21309E 21310E 21310EK 21311EK 21312E 21312EK 21313E 21313EK 21314E 21314EK 21315EK 21315E 21316E 21316EK 21317E 21317EK 21318EK 21318E 21319E 21319EK 21320EK 21320E 21322 21307 CC/W64 21311E/W64 21312 E/W64 21314 E/W64  22205/20E 22205E 22205EK 22206E 22206EK 22207E 22207EK 22208E 22208EK 22209 E 22209EK 22210EK 22210E 22211E 22211EK 22212E 22212EK 22213EK 22213E 22214E 22214EK 22215E 22215EK 22215E 22215EK 22217E 22217EK 22218E 22218EK 22219E 22219EK 22220E 22220EK 22222E 22222EK 22224E 22224EK 22226E 22226EK  ETC

SK SNL plummer block housings, series 2, 3, 5 and 6
SNL plummer (pillow) block housings (fig 1) up to size 32 are the most popular of the wide range of SK housings. Because of their versatility it is seldom necessary to resort to tailored housings for specific applications.
The housings are horizontally split and have two or four attachment bolt holes in the base as standard.

THRUST ROLLER BEARING 29412E 29413E 29414E 29415E 29416E 29317E 29417E 29318E 29418E 29320E 29420E 29322E 29422E 29324E 29424E 29326E 29426E 29328E 29428E 29230E 29330E 29430E 29332E 29432E 29334E   29434 E 29236 E 29336 E 29436 E 29338 E 29438 E 29240 E 29340 E  29440 E 29244 E 29344 E 29444 E 29248 29348 E 29448 E 29252 29352 E 29452 E 29256 29456 E 29260 29360 E 29460 E 29264 29364E 29464E 29268 29368 29468E 29272 29372 29472EM 29276 29376 29476EM 29280 29380 29480EM 29284 29384 29484EM 29288 29388EM 29488EM 29292 29392 29492EM 29296 29396 29496EM 292/500 293/500 294/500EM 292/530EM 292/530 294/530EM 292/560 294/560EM 292/600EM 294/600EM 292/630EM 293/630EM 294/630EM 292/670 294/670EM 293/710EM  294/710EF 292/750EF 293/750 294/750EF 292/800EM 293/800 294/800EF 292/850EM 294/850EF 294/900EF 292/950EM 294/950EF 294/1000EF 292/1060EF 294/1060EF 292/1180EF 293/1250EF 293/1600EF


BT2B445539AA 633280 BAH5000 633272 VKBA1346 BA2B633313CA 434201B/VKBA1307 VKBA1344 630374/CA 361971 BAHB311316B/309724 VKBA1382 305124/VKBA1306 BA2B309726 636114A/479399 BAH0042 BA2B443952/445620B 445980A/BAH-5001A 633676/BAH-5001A 311309/BAH-0023 633528F 633295B BAH0031 VKBA1342 441832AB BA2B445535AE 456162/446762B
BAHB633669/BAH0013 VKBA1343 VKBA857 VKBA3763 FW22/VKBA1930 VKBA1372 440190 BAH0051B BAH0012AM5S 633028CB 633531B/BAH0012 309945A BAHB636193C 686908A FW135 VKBA3929 VKBA1381 FW128/VKBA1191 VKBA1377 VKBA3245 DAD3874368W FW114/VKBA1341 BAH-0041 FW116/FWB116 BA2B309692 BAHB311315 BAFB447333BD BAHB311315AD BA2B309639BA BAH0036 395418 BAHB636096A BAH0043 BAHB633815A BAHB311443BBTH1024C FW102BAHB636060C BAHB633966E/BAH0086 474743 FW101BAHB636187C/A 44032OH BA2B445469BA 443096B BA2B445533/495333BAHB1866047A

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